My stock portfolio additions (GILD, DDAIF, CSCO, AAPL)

I have been on a shopping spree last month, I added 4 new positions which brings me a step closer to my primary goal of being more diversified, I am still a long way from where I wanna be, as I don’t wont to have any single holding to be more than 5% of my stock portfolio value, preferably even 3% in the long run.

I have also removed 1 one of the 5 screws I had in my leg, and hopefully that will help a bit on mobility side. And in about a year I am aiming to have the remaining screws and rod removed, as I can’t imagine living like kind of cyborg but without cyborg abilities for the rest of my life.


Monthly Dividend Portfolio Update (March–2016)

March was pretty slow as I haven’t made any changes to my portfolio, but I am working on building some capital and slowly getting ready to add few quality additions to my dividend portfolio. initially I was planning to make those additions within next couple of months, but as I am writing this update one month behind, I can already reveal that I haven’t made any purchases in April as the market has been on a tear. So the plan for now is to keep lowering my debt and try to get some decent entry points when market pulls back a bit.


Monthly Dividend Income Update (February – 2016)

Late February update came with a few rebalancing changes in my portfolio. I added shares to my existing position in HCP inc. and sold Realty Income Corp (O) along with GAP Inc. (GPS). As I mentioned in my latest portfolio rebalancing post selling GPS was for me pretty straight forward as the company haven’t been able to cope with declining earnings. On other hand many would argue that selling (O) was not the best idea, and it might very well prove to be so. Realty Income corp is a great dividend champion, no doubt about that but at these prices I just feel it’s a bit overvalued which is also the reason I choose to swap (O) with (HCP).

From January to February value vent from $34,575.00 to $35,710.00 which is an increase of 3.28%.
In the same time I managed to inject $1233 which is above my target of $1000 per month. All in all a really good month with almost record-breaking dividend income.


Portfolio Rebalancing

I would like to apologize for the lack of updates lately, I have been working on getting back on my feet after my leg injury. I have finally ditched the crutches, but I am still limping quite bad. I have definitely made some progress as I am able to walk unassisted, but I am still a long way from where I wanna be. In a few months I will be removing some of the screws that have been bothering me, hopefully that will help me get rid of my limp :-)

I haven’t been trading that much last few months, due to several things primarily lack of funds and concentrating on getting back on the feet. I have been trying to do some portfolio rebalancing though.


Monthly Dividend Income Update (January – 2016)

From December to January value vent from $38033 to $34575 which is a decline of 9.53%. Pretty big drop in short period of time but nothing much I can do about that besides trying to find more capital and load up the truck, as I see several bargains out there currently. Now, if you ask me will there be even better prices later on, I would say probably but anyway I rarely pick them up at the bottom. I am in this for the long run, so I avoid seeing market corrections as a hit but instead as an opportunity to boost myportfolio. As long as the dividend checks come rolling in as planned, I am a happy man.


Monthly Dividend Income Update (December – 2015)

Since my injury I have had a lot of time to kill and as promised in my last post where
I will try to catch up for the lost time and lack of updates last couple of months.

December was pretty inactive month for me, as I haven’t made any purchases.

I am currently working on paying off some debt, which will allow me to be able to buy again. I probably won’t be able to make another purchase the next 2-3 months.


Recent Buy – Potash Corp Inc. (POT)

I bought Potash Corp (POT). this is my first diversification towards agriculture sector. Agriculture has for me always been the place to be as I can’t imagine world where need for food would be declining. World population is still increasing and projection for 2040 is 9 billion. The whole sector has been beaten quite hard as commodities prices have crashed. I would love to add additional exposure in the sector, Archer Daniels (ADM)